A Room Full of Night


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About A Room Full of Night

A broken man from the Midwest, a secret room in Berlin—untouched since 1942—and cascading events that could change humanity forever

Stag Maguire, a burnt-out journalist hardly able to prop himself up in the wake of tragedy, agrees to help a friend move. They find an urgent message—HELP ME—written on a piece of silk tacked behind a long-forgotten portrait. The message from an address in Berlin is urgent; though it had to have been written pre-World War II.

Curious, Stag and his friend begin to research the address and whomever might have written the message. They trace the address to an apartment, a sealed time capsule that has not been lived in since 1942. And from one phone call to that apartment, the men unleash a nefarious plot and brutal security forces long thought vanquished.

Events begin to cascade without mercy, and Stag—a broken man from the Midwest—finds himself pitted against a vestige of the Third Reich with powerful forces ensuring the propagation of Heydrich’s infamous SD—Nazi’s intelligence agency—in today’s world.

Will ordinary-man Stag Maguire prevail in his lone stand against evil?

Perfect for fans of Robert Harris’s Munich and The Fatherland


“The tension ratchets up degree by degree, in a plot similar to speeding down a slalom course with all its speed, twists, and turns. A thriller reader’s delight from beginning to end.” —Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author

“TR Kenneth’s debut thriller, A Room Full of Night, reminded me of the best of Daniel Silva, even dare I say, John le Carré. Here is a novel riveting in its telling and shocking in its revelations. It is a story rife with decades-old secrets, treachery, and intriguing spycraft. But best of all, it’s a thriller that I simply could not put down until the last page was turned. Don’t miss this debut!” —James Rollins, New York Times best-selling author

A Room Full of Night is an ambitious, sprawling, and wholly satisfying tale. TR Kenneth evokes the best of Jack Higgins and Frederick Forsyth in crafting a thriller that whisks us back to Nazi Germany and World War II in a fashion that would make Robert Ludlum proud as well. The pacing is pitch perfect and the characters vivid, as the story stitches a deceptively dangerous link between past and present. Not to be missed for fans of the classic thriller form.” —Jon Land, USA Today best-selling author

A Room Full of Night is an entertaining, imaginative piece of fiction, filled with enough historical facts to make it seem it could actually be true.” —New York Journal of Books

“Tense, clever, almost funny finale. Recommended for anyone who enjoys creepy history chased with adventure.” —Booklist

“TR Kenneth spins an intricate mystery into a full-blown geopolitical thriller with A Room Full of Night, masterfully connecting a frozen-in-time, World War II-era Berlin apartment with today’s fraught political climate. The stakes are as high as they get, and the author’s impeccable research never lets you forget this story is a breath away from non-fiction. Greed, power lust, vengeance—and just the right dash of hope—is a recipe for success with Kenneth’s compelling read.” —Carter Wilson, USA Today best-selling author

A Room Full of Night is a simply riveting read from cover to cover and features more unexpected plot twists and turns than a Coney Island roller coaster!” —Midwest Book Review