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About Below the Fold

When the murder of a “nobody” triggers an avalanche

Every human life is supposed to be important. Everyone should matter. But that’s not the case in the cutthroat TV news-rating world where Clare Carlson works. Sex, money, and power sell. Only murder victims of the right social strata are considered worth covering. Not the murder of a “nobody”.

So, when the battered body of a homeless woman named Dora Gayle is found on the streets of New York City, her murder barely gets a mention in the media. But Clare—a TV news director who still has a reporter’s instincts—decides to dig deeper into the seemingly meaningless death. She uncovers mysterious links between Gayle and a number of wealthy and influential figures.

There is a prominent female defense attorney; a scandal-ridden ex-congressman; a decorated NYPD detective; and—most shocking of all—a wealthy media mogul who owns the TV station where Clare works.

Soon there are more murders, more victims, more questions. As the bodies pile up, Clare realizes that her job, her career, and maybe even her life are at stake as she chases after her biggest story ever.



Below the Fold takes readers on a whiplash ride through a New York murder case. The television news investigation provides a fascinating lens for the story. Heroine Clare Carlson is formidable, human, and thoroughly authentic. R. G. Belsky knows his stuff.” —Meg Gardiner, Edgar Award-winning author

“In an era of "fake news" and political attacks on the free press, reporter-turned-TV news director Clare Carlson personifies the best in journalism—tenacious, honest, and relentless in her pursuit of the truth and to giving a voice to those who can't speak for themselves.” —Lee Goldberg, New York Times best-selling author

Below the Fold is a gripping and intelligent thriller that rips open the dark underbelly of TV news, written by a former television and print journalist himself. Fast-moving and full of colorful, down-and-dirty characters, this terrific novel is the second in a series starring the compelling and engaging TV journalist Clare Carlson.” —Douglas Preston, New York Times best-selling author

“In Below the Fold, R. G. Belsky has created a twisty tale where almost nothing is as it seems and everyone is hiding dark secrets, including damaged heroine Clare Carlson. Belsky's background in everything news makes you feel like you're feeling the heat of the spotlights right next to the anchors in front of the TV cameras.” —Matt Coyle, Anthony, Shamus, and Lefty Award-winning author

Below the Fold is a terrific mystery, written with a veteran journalist's eye. The pacing and plotting are everything you want, but it's R. G. Belsky's insider knowledge that adds a wonderful layer to this story of media and murder.” —Michael Koryta, New York Times best-selling author