The Charlestown Mysteries


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About The Charlestown Mysteries

This two-book series is perfect for fans of Dennis Lehane and fans of urban mysteries that are steeped in atmosphere—in this case—Boston.

Dermot Sparhawk is a former college football hero, now a recovering alcoholic, struggling to make it, he stacks cans in a parish food pantry. In The Charlestown Connection, Dermot is obsessed with finding his godfather’s killer, venturing far out of his comfort zone to confront the IRA, The FBI, and the Boston mob.

Beyond the Bridge is the second title in this set of two novels and it is a prequel to The Charlestown Connection. Dermot Sparhawk is now a struggling alcoholic who reluctantly steps in to clear the name of a murdered priest and to find his killer. What follows is Dermot’s private-citizen attempt to preempt law enforcement as he defies all odds to track down a sadistic serial killer.

Both novels are steeped in Boston lore and introduce a unique protagonist, Dermot Sparhawk—a descendant of the Micmac Indians. Dermot has his flaws; he’s had a tough life; but his spirit is indefatigable and his courage limitless as he relentlessly finds a way to expose the truth and right a wrong.