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About Final Crossing

Rudiger doesn't kill because he wants to. He kills because he needs to. When the sadistic Preacherman stole the last bit of Rudiger's already troubled childhood soul, Rudiger lost himself forever. He has committed atrocities even he cannot explain in his quest for the End of Days, a release from his pain by finding and crucifying The One.

Jonas Osborne, an Army Ranger and Senatorial Chief of Staff, recognizes Rudiger’s disturbing capacity based on a terrifying firefight in Somalia almost two decades earlier. Now Jonas—and the beautiful psychic criminologist he’s enlisted to predict Rudiger’s next brutal attack—become targets. Only on the biggest international stage—a summit for Middle East peace talks—will Jonas and Rudiger meet again for one final confrontation.


Praise for Carter Wilson

 * “Harden Campbell, the hero of Wilson’s enthralling thriller [Revelation], awakens in pitch darkness lying on a dirt floor, unaware of how he got there. Feeling his way around, he bumps into a dead body. Then a light suddenly goes on, and he sees that he’s in a locked room with the body of Derek, a friend with whom he recently celebrated his 21st birthday. Derek’s throat is cut. Harden also sees a table with a typewriter; on top of a stack of paper is a sheet with the message: “Tell me a story.” Wilson infuses his terrifying plot with intricate twists and turns, all totally credible.” —Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

 “This is a sledgehammer of a novel, slamming away at the foundations of modern cult religions until nothing is left but rubble to be carted away.” —Booklist

 * “[The Comfort of Black]. . . outstanding paranoid thriller . . . Carter is extremely good at creating a series of shattering, Philip K. Dickian revelations that would rock anyone’s personal security.” —Publishers Weekly(Starred Review)

 * “Wilson's third novel [The Comfort of Black] takes off at breakneck speed and doesn't stop until its jolting conclusion. Gritty, unflinching, and sometimes violent, this thriller is reminiscent of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl and the television series The Equalizer.”—Library Journal (Starred Review)

 “From the very first shocking, irreverent and chilling line you know The Comfort of Black is anything but your average thriller. It's an exemplary thriller. A knock-your-socks-off- thriller.” —M.J. Rose, New York Times best-selling author

 “Revelation is an exquisite story of psychological control and suspense that is both thought-provoking and visceral in its impact, and it will keep you awake far into the night.” —The Oklahoman

 “Wilson is right up there—if not beyond—James Patterson and Stephen King. The Comfort of Black is edgy, completely absorbing, and a definite must read by all.” —The U.S. Review of Books