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About Fugitive Red

Reminiscent of Nick and Amy in Gone Girl, Jack and Maria have a tortuous history. Jack was an up-and-coming rock guitarist living on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. His girlfriend Maria was just beginning a corporate career. They were happy and in love.

That was then.

Now Jack’s music career has stalled, and he isn’t doing much better as a real estate agent. Maria’s doing well at her job, but she travels frequently, and it’s taken a toll on their marriage. While they both love their son Jonah, they don’t seem to have much else in common.

When a friend from L.A. tells Jack about a new extramarital dating app called Discreet Hookups, Jack quickly meets Sophia, who goes by the online name Fugitive Red. Jack and Sophia hit it off and have a steamy online affair. But when Jack gets up the nerve to meet Sophia in person, he discovers her dead, strangled by a red necktie.

Immediately, Jack becomes a person of interest in the murder. Maria, furious and betrayed, locks Jack out of the apartment and cuts off access to their joint accounts. Jack sets out to prove his innocence. Instead, he leaves a trail of dead bodies in his wake, and the police close in on him. Worse, he discovers that he has been the victim of a sinister scheme that may cost him his life.


"Fugitive Red is a rocket-paced, propulsive, and utterly addictive thrill-ride. Jason Starr is a master of ratcheting up the suspense page-by-page, making it totally impossible to look away from the spectacular train wreck of Jack Harper’s life. Pick it up and plan not to put it down until you’re done. It’s that good!" —Lisa Unger, New York Times best-selling author

"A brilliant storyteller...I loved Fugitive Red, pure and simple, and I'd recommend it to anyone." —Scott Pratt, best-selling author

"There have been only a few authors who have handled this type of exploration of dark and tortured souls this well—James M. Cain and Jim Thompson immediately come to mind—but Starr is our contemporary master. Read this book and then what has gone before." —Bookreporter