Incentive for Death


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About Incentive for Death

They all sold their life insurance policies to the same company—and now they’re all dead. Mac and Oliver are on the case.

On a beautiful spring morning in Washington, D.C., a high-profile attorney is found dead in his office. McDermott “Mac” Burke and Oliver Shaw, homicide investigators for the Metropolitan Police Department, are called to investigate. There appear to be no signs of foul play, but there is also no obvious sign of a natural cause of death.

The detectives are perplexed until the medical examiner notices a tiny pin prick on the lawyer’s neck and theorizes that the man was injected with succinylcholine—aka “sux”—which is a common horse tranquilizer that dissipates quickly in the body.

As Mac and Oliver begin to look further, they discover that the lawyer had sold his life insurance policy to a large viatical company. Then, they realize that more deaths under mysterious circumstances have occurred among those who’ve sold their policies to the same company.

With mere coincidence seeming unlikely, Mac and Oliver dive headfirst into a now complex and far-reaching murder investigation—if they don’t uncover what’s really happening, many more lives could be at stake.

Perfect for fans of Robert Dugoni and John Sandford


“An ominous tale about need and greed, the tension ratcheted up by a single question, ‘Are they really going to do that?’ Yes, they are. Enjoy this pulse-pounding treat.” —Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author

“Incentive for Death bring an exhilarating dose of uniqueness to fans of crime fiction. The choice of victims – the murder weapon- law enforcement interactions – interpersonal circumstances. The action is explosive and intense as it plays out on the complicated stage of Washington D.C.  A fascinating debut!” —Patricia Gussin, New York Times best-selling author

“With no apparent cause of death, it appears to be the perfect crime. Detectives McDermott ‘Mac’ Burke and Oliver Shaw aren’t buying it. As they meticulously investigate, other victims die. In Incentive for Death, it’s a race against time to unravel a sophisticated plot and stop the killings in this unique Washington, D.C. thriller.” —Shawn Wilson, author of Duplicity

“More than a finely honed detective procedural plump with investigative forensics, Incentive for Death delves into the lives of law enforcement personnel. What makes them tick, the overwhelming desire to take the bad guys—and gals—off the street. The concept of this phenomenal mystery ‘hard-boils’ to a simple phrase: the need for greed.” —Bookreporter

“A riveting, original, and deftly-crafted suspense thriller from start to finish.” —Midwest Book Review