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About The Knight & Devlin Collection

These five novels in the Knight and Devlin series prove the Perry Mason spirit is alive and well

Michael Knight and Lex Devlin are law partners—Michael the junior and Lex the senior. Michael brings his raw passion, bottomless energy, and a no-holds-barred aggressiveness; Lex provides his revered reputation and experience and the not-so-occasional help of his buddies, the Boston Police Commissioner and the Archbishop of the Boston.

From Boston’s Chinatown and the brutal Tongs in Neon Dragon to international stolen art in Frame-Up, to the warring Boston Irish Mob and Italian Mafia in Black Diamond, to the diamond trade in Sierra Leone in Deadly Diamonds, and to the Amazon rainforest’s exotic animals in Fatal Odds, Knight and Devlin are relentless in their pursuit of truth and justice.

Dobbyn is a master of the game—legal thrillers that are topical and timeless


"John F. Dobbyn’s thriller Fatal Odds does everything right: a nail-biting plot to keep you turning pages, characters that shine brighter with every twist and turn, and a ripped-from-the-headlines authenticity that will leave you shocked. Here is a novel that expertly mixes thrills and smarts and will have you clamoring for more from this author. I know I want more." —James Rollins, New York Times best-selling author

"From its characters who go straight to the heart, to its intriguing settings, to its plot with more jolting twists than a Boston Street, Black Diamond takes you on a non-stop ride that keeps you gripping the wheel." —Lisa Scottoline, New York Times best-selling author

"Dobbyn is a skillful writer who puts his expert knowledge of the legal system to work. Frame-Up is the best kind of legal crime fiction, where the real stories come not from legal minutiae in the courtroom, but from human beings caught in the legal system’s fuzzy moral contours." —Alafair Burke, New York Times best-selling author

"Knight has a sharp wit and a gift of gab that he uses to exploit the enmity between and within the rival gangs . . . it’s difficult to believe that anything terrible could happen to a clever lad flashing so much good old Irish blarney." —Publishers Weekly

". . . the Boston setting; a self-effacing hero with more nerve than muscle; carefully drawn, three-dimensional secondary characters; and the way the seemingly simple plot mushrooms into full-blown chaos. A very entertaining entry in what one hopes will be a long-running series." —Booklist