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About Line of Darkness

Post-war darkness may be the darkest of them all—Nazi-hunters reach deep into 1979 San Francisco

When a German businesswoman in 1979 San Francisco hires ex-con PI Colleen Hayes to find a missing relative, supposedly in town to visit, she thinks it’s a simple job. But she soon discovers that the “nephew” is linked to an international vigilante group hunting down ex-Nazis. Then the body of a mysterious woman turns up on San Francisco’s Municipal Railway, mirroring a murder committed the week before in Buenos Aires where the “nephew” had just been.Colleen’s search uncovers a World War II banknote and the 1942 SS ID of a German officer long thought dead. When Colleen fails to heed warnings to stop her investigation, her pregnant daughter is attacked.

The so-called nephew is nowhere to be found. The German businesswoman has fled town. Colleen’s search leads her to Italy where the infamous Vatican Ratlines helped escaped ex-Nazis forge new identities around the globe. Deep in the Italian Alps, she uncovers a secret project hatched in a concentration camp. Colleen has no choice but to push ahead if the killing is to stop and justice prevail.

Perfect for fans of Steve Berry and Harlan Coben

While all of the novels in the Colleen Hayes Mystery Series stand on their own and can be read in any order, the publication sequence is:

Vanishing in the Haight

Tie Die

Bad Scene

Line of Darkness

Night Candy


"Narration that pulses and builds like a drumbeat, Max Tomlinson's Line of Darkness immerses the reader in that eclectic San Francisco ‘70s vibe, then whisks the reader to the Italian Alps in this tightly crafted crime thriller with writing that hums and vibrates on the page. The story grips and does not let go as PI Colleen Hayes tries to track down a missing "nephew" linked to a vigilante group intent on hunting down ex-Nazis.  With twists around every turn, no one is safe, not even Colleen's pregnant daughter. Buy your ticket and get in line, you'll want to be first on this wild ride." —Carlene O'Connor, USA Today best-selling author

"Line of Darkness is an engrossing noir novel that grows darker and more complex under the lingering pall of Nazism." —Foreword Reviews