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About Midnight Alley

A gritty, atmospheric glimpse into Los Angeles’s noir underworld

Ash Levine, the top detective in the LAPD’s elite Felony Special squad, is called out to solve the murder of two young black men found shot to death in a Venice alley.  The case is a high priority because one of the victims is the son of City Councilman Isaac Pinkney, a frequent critic of the LAPD. Searching for the killer throws Levine into the world of Los Angeles’s Russian Mafia, Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, and Middle Eastern archeologists.  

Ash’s history as a child of a Holocaust survivor gives him a unique perspective on murder, redemption, and justice. His background as a paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces, and his relentless, single-minded focus on his investigations make him a thoroughly absorbing character. As Ash closes in on the killer, the investigation becomes increasingly complex–and personal. Ash soon discovers that he is not just an investigator, but a target.

Corwin introduced Ash Levine in Kind of Blue, a Booklist Top 10 Crime Novel choice in 2011.  In Midnight Alley, Corwin again uses his hard-earned inside knowledge to provide the reader with a gritty, atmospheric glimpse into Los Angeles’s noir underworld.


Midnight Alley is a terrific novel, thriller, page-turner, and a smart social study of today’s Los Angeles. The journalist in Corwin gets the facts right, and the entertainer in him keeps the story fresh, the characters bold and the pace brisk. This is a worthy addition to LA’s long canon of crime fiction.” —T. efferson Parker, New York Times best-selling author

* “Recommend this superb novel to fans of crime fiction and police procedurals.” —Booklist (Starred Review)

“Corwin hits it out of the park with this one and certainly leaves the reader wanting more. An exceptionally intriguing and gripping read.” —Suspense Magazine

“Mercy! This high-octane thriller captures the whorl of LA and leaves the reader wanting more.” —Los Angeles Magazine