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About A Murder in Zion

Beautiful views, deadly encounters

Grief-stricken over her mother’s death and bruised by her failure on her most recent case, Emmeline Helliwell returns to her Utah hometown to heal, regroup, and reconnect with her estranged sister. A special agent with the National Park Service, Emme is determined to turn in her badge and take over her mother’s bakery for a much quieter life . . . until the body of a childhood friend turns up in the Narrows of Zion National Park.

Emme is called in to investigate the death, and the case is too personal for her to turn down. Once the death is ruled a murder, the seemingly simple investigation turns treacherous as clues leading to a dangerous religious cult grow too glaring to ignore.

The pressure intensifies when bodies start to pile up. Emme has to track down the killer before they take more lives, all while juggling a rocky relationship with her sister as they sort through their late mother’s estate.

The beauty of Zion National Park is breathtaking, but it may hide sordid secrets in its depths.

Perfect for fans of C. J. Box andLisa Gardner


“While investigating a dead body in a national park, ISB agent Emme is faced with one challenge after another, especially when it becomes clear that she knew the deceased. A Murder in Zion’s imagery couldn’t have been more vivid if it was a Van Gogh painting. Gripping family drama is twisted up with a heart pounding desire for the truth where no one is safe. This well crafted story will have you flipping pages at warp speed. A truly epic tale for Maggi’s entrance into the adult mystery world.” —Jaime Lynn Hendricks, best-selling author

“Fans of investigative mysteries and national parks, look no further! Nicole Maggi’s A Murder in Zion is a gripping page-turner that blends the breathtaking beauty and treacherous dangers of the wilderness. ISB agent Emme is a fiercely relatable protagonist, grappling with grief, regret, and a single choice that’s haunted both her personal life and her career. Maggi’s prose effortlessly balances a suspenseful criminal investigation with the majesty of nature. A dynamic debut into the adult mystery genre that will leave you begging for more.” —Karin Nordin, author of Sweet Little Lies