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About The Rendition

A Behind-the-Scene Look at the Desperation that Drives International Policy

The brutal secret war to win Kosovo’s freedom from Serbia is in full swing when The Rendition takes readers behind the headlines for an inside look at the United States’ involvement.

Alex Klear, a veteran intelligence officer, is sent to the Balkans on a hastily planned rendition which goes terribly bad. Alex decides it’s time to retire. However, when he is persuaded to go to Germany as part of an operation connected to the rendition, he finds himself caught between two dynamic women—an old girlfriend and the female colonel running the ‘op.’

While there, he becomes a target of the Kosovo Liberation Army, a murder suspect to the German police, and for his superiors the perfect fall guy to take the heat for a badly botched secret operation.

With Kosovo’s independence declaration coming closer by the day, the secret war heats up and Alex comes to realize that he is at the center of a murky conspiracy aimed at making the United States an international pariah.


"Rich with insider detail, The Rendition by Albert Ashforth is not only exciting and suspenseful, it’s intelligent — and a first-rate read. With reluctant private contractor Alex Klear in your corner, you’ll never want for black humor, the highest tradecraft skill, and someone you can trust to have your back. I loved this book. I think you will, too." —Gayle Lynds, New York Times best-selling author

"If John le Carre and Jack Higgins collaborated on a novel, it would read like Ashforth’s The Rendition — if le Carre and Higgins were in top form. Put this one at the top of your reading list. It’s a perfect blend of action and espionage." —John Lutz, award winning author of Mister X

"Kudos to Albert Ashforth for a smoothly written, fast-moving, and suspenseful spy thriller. The Kosovo and Bavarian backgrounds and savvy, compassionate, likable hero are particularly well drawn. Here’s hoping for more Alex Klear adventures as enjoyable as this one." —Bill Pronzini, award-winning author of the Nameless Detective series.

"In The Rendition, tough, competent, quick-thinking Alex Klear is sent to the secret front lines of our war on terror–– no matter that he’d rather stay retired from a job where the physical, emotional, and moral costs are high. Klear copes with one chilling faceoff after another as he fights to avert disaster for our country. Author Al Ashforth has in-depth knowledge of the shadowy world of black ops, where the “friendly” forces are sometimes bigger threats than the  terrorists, and authenticity rings from every page." —P.M. Carlson, author of Gravestone