Vanished in the Dunes


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About Vanished in the Dunes

Amos Posner has a lovely house in the upscale Hamptons beach community of eastern Long Island. But recent events in his life are preventing him from enjoying it.  His employer, an international trading firm, fired him after making him the scapegoat for some shady business deals. His wife, a highly successful Manhattan lawyer, has not taken kindly to his job situation, and their marriage is under considerable stress.

Amos is spending most of his time at the beach house, alone, and not at all happy. So he is highly vulnerable when a beautiful woman approaches him on a bus—the Hampton Jitney—from Manhattan to the Hamptons and persuades him to show her around the area on her day off from her job as a psychiatric resident at a Manhattan hospital. When Amos reluctantly agrees, he gets far more than an ego boost. He gets a nightmare beyond imagination. And the cascading events could cost him more than the loss of his job and his wife. They could cost him his life.


"Nail-biting tension as an innocent man digs himself an ever deeper hole in the murder of a sexy Hamptons visitor.  I may never park at Montauk’s scenic overlook again!" —Helen Simonson, New York Times best-selling author

"Vanished in the Dunes is an exquisitely crafted mystery that keeps the reader guessing until the very last page. Allan Retzy’s characters inhabit the upper echelons of Hamptons society, but below the smooth, calm surface of their privileged lives, nothing is what it seems.  On a chilly morning in May, Amos Posner’s day begins with a quiet ride home to Amagansett on the Hampton Jitney—but ends in unexpected catastrophe. His actions set in motion a chain of events that will forever alter his life and his perceptions of human nature and its deep-rooted folly. A masterful, exciting debut!" —Kaylie Jones, author of A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries and Lies My Mother Never Told Me

"Retzky and Dostoyevsky—what?  Both have used the power and fascination of murder. But murder turned inside-out. Retzky’s is a study of guilt, of small panicked mistakes that lead to more innocent death. And the fact that it all happens in the off-season Hamptons?  Delicious." —Clark Blaise, author of The Meagre Tarmac and Southern Stories