The Blood of Patriots and Traitors


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About The Blood of Patriots and Traitors

2023 Best Thriller/ Adventure Award—American Book Fest

A Russian Defector—A Worldwide Dragnet—A Looming Assassination—Max Geller is back in Moscow

Former CIA Russia expert Max Geller is recovering from an intense mission while lying low in Australia, enjoying his sudden wealth in the company of his new girlfriend. But his beachy bliss is short-lived when Max, while relaxing by the ocean, is ambushed by the CIA.He soon learns that his girlfriend, Vanessa, is being used as blackmail by his former CIA boss, Rodney, to convince Max to go to Moscow. His mission? Smuggle out a defector with knowledge of a secret Kremlin war plan. Max is wanted by the Russians, so the defector could be bait to lure him into the hands of his old enemy, FSB Colonel Zabluda. But it’s either Max or Vanessa who must go, so Max takes the bait and heads off.

When Max is spotted in Moscow, Zabluda launches a manhunt, pursuing him and the defector across country lines. Max and the defector race to evade countless attacks and attempts at capture as they escape to the United States.

Will they make it in time? And what happens when the defector reveals crucial information that indicates U.S. democracy could be in peril? Max must figure out a way to avoid capture and halt imminent attacks—before it’s too late.

Perfect for fans of Daniel Silva and Nelson DeMille


"Plots within plans with plenty of treachery and betrayal—and, even better, it's all done with the confidence of a sure hand." —Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author

"James Scott is a rising star in the world of espionage and international conflict thrillers, in part because he's walked those streets. His exciting new novel The Blood of Patriots and Traitors fictionalizes the most crucial battleground between America and the new Russia. If you care about Us vs. The New Them, this is the new novel you want." —James Grady, author of This Train

"The Blood of Patriots and Traitors is a spy novel extraordinaire. Retro enough to allow James Scott to lay claim to the mantel of John le Carré and contemporary enough to evoke apt comparisons with the likes of Mark Greaney and Brad Thor. Scott handles the heating up of the Cold War with a shrewd hand and a master's touch in a tale that's relevant, riveting, and relentless." —Jon Land, USA Today best-selling author

"Maxwell Geller has more lives than a cat. This spy v. spy thriller will leave you breathless as you chase Max across Russia and the world in a complex tale of government deception and double-crosses that would confound James Bond." —Sheila Lowe, author of Dead Letters

“[The Blood of Patriots and Traitors] is propelled by a web of intrigue that spans continents, with plenty of twists and turns. The novel’s strength lies in its excellent pacing and intricate construction of shadowy geopolitical machinations.” —Kirkus Indie