Conspiracy of Silence


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About Conspiracy of Silence

On a sunny day in July, Clare Prentice arrives in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Although she is on assignment to interview the town’s notoriously reclusive novelist Nate Hanssen, Clare is really in search of a different story: her story.

Just months before, Clare was a bride-to-be, living in Chicago, and looking to the future until the day she learned her entire life had been a lie.

Not only was Clare adopted, but there is no record that she or her adoptive mother ever existed. The only clue is a class ring from Grand Rapids Senior High School. Unable to get on with her future until she reconciles her past, Clare breaks off her engagement.

Unraveling the mystery is like trying to sculpt fog until the first piece of the puzzle unexpectedly drops into place: Clare’s birth mother, Lily Gundersen, was murdered in Grand Rapids.

Lily’s murder was one of the most talked-about events in the town’s history, but no one is talking now.

Clare doesn't know the whole story and someone intends to keep it that way.


"When Clare Prentice, a Chicago journalist, discovers she's adopted in this cozy romantic thriller from Powers (Death Angel), she's disturbed enough to call off her impending wedding. The high school ring of her adoptive mother, who died two years earlier and was careful to keep Clare's true origin a secret, provides a clue that takes Clare to Grand Rapids, Minn., where she conveniently has an assignment to interview a reclusive novelist, Nate Hanssen. The pace picks up after Clare discovers that her birth mother, Lily Gundersen, was murdered in Grand Rapids. Clare becomes the target of a killer intent on silencing anyone who knows the real story behind Lily's untimely death. Meanwhile, a subtle romance develops between Clare and Nate. Full of red herrings, this suspense novel will appeal to those who also like traditional whodunits."—Publishers Weekly