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About Death Angel

The search for truth can be deadly. Kate and Richard Warner have a quiet life a routine life  until the one afternoon that changes them forever. Within a few short hours they are thrust into the black hole of every parent’s worst nightmare. Suddenly they are at the center of attention of their community, the media, and the police . . . for all the wrong reasons. The chief of police has singled out Richard as the primary suspect in a heinous crime that took more than an innocent life.

With Richard as a suspect, Kate’s life unravels into unbearable chaos, grief, and a whole new world of deception. Neighbors turn away, and only a small handful of close friends are there to help. Or are they? After a second murder and Richard’s disappearance, Kate sets our to find the killer in their midst and clear her husband’s name. She begins to piece together an eerie puzzle, finding clues in the heart of her own community. In Death Angel anguish, suspicion and death combine in the horrifying aftermath of a vicious crime that pits a mother’s love against a ruthless killer. In a stunning conclusion, Kate risks her own life to track down and kill the Death Angel.


"Powers's third thriller (after Sunflower and Bleeding Heart), a gripping mix of a smalltown police procedural with a snazzy woman-in-jeopardy plot, will remind many of early Mary Higgins Clark and Sandra Browne. Working mother Kate Warner's peaceful life in suburban Pickard, Ill., is shattered when her eight-year-old daughter, Jenny, gets off the school bus one afternoon and disappears just steps away from home. To make matters worse, Kate's husband and Jenny's devoted dad, Richard, becomes the prime suspect. Other suspects include Richard's sophisticated business associate, a local physician and the spooky anonymous caller who keeps taunting the Warners. Despite some predictable twists, this tight suspense novel with its credible characters will keep readers turning the pages." —Publishers Weekly