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About Death's Witness

Prominent defense attorney murdered in Central Park—random act or a conspiracy?

When Tom Perini, a legendary Heisman Trophy winner turned criminal lawyer, is found brutally murdered in Central Park, his widow Julie Perini suspects a wider conspiracy. Not only was her husband part of the defense team for a Congressman on trial for bribery, but her intuition also tells her that the FBI is not too eager to find the killer.

Relying on her skills as a journalist, Julie begins her own investigation and soon discovers her late husband’s secret underworld associations; ties that now threaten her and her toddler’s lives. Fighting grief and a sense of betrayal, Julie is pulled into an inescapable labyrinth of organized crime dealings, political corruption, brutal power grabs and murder.  

Desperate, Julie turns to Vincent Sorrentino, Tom’s defense partner, for help, and the two discover a shocking and terrifying truth that threatens to paralyze them. But it may also hold the key—the only key—to saving the lives of Julie and her daughter.


“The verdict on Batista’s debut legal thriller: guilty of delivering not only sharp courtroom drama but steamy romantic escapism as well.” —Publishers Weekly

“Only a veteran trial lawyer could write a thriller like this! The plot twists and turns are incredible! It made me want to leap from the anchor chair into the courtroom and try the case myself!” —Nancy Grace, anchor on CNN and Court TV

“Grabs a reader by the throat from page one and won’t let go . . . Batista’s New York will now take its place alongside Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles as an iconographic image of urban power and fragility.” —Susan Jacoby, best-selling author

“One of America’s leading trial lawyers, Paul Batista, has written a gripping thriller. A great read!” —Fred Graham, anchor on Court TV and former CBS News correspondent

“A spectacular new edition to the legal thriller genre. Fast, smart andexciting, with richly drawn characters and a racehorse pace.” —Jack Ford,anchor on Good Morning America

“True crime, passion, suspense, fueled by richly crafted characters . . .” —Rikki Klieman, former Court TV anchor and author