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About The Warriors

High-stakes politics and the rivalry between two powerful women in the trial of the century.

Legendary defense attorney Raquel Rematti represents a presidential candidate—and former First Lady of an ISIS-assassinated President—Senator Angelina Baldesteri in the most watched and explosive trial of the 21st Century. The Senator sees it as a vendetta show trial orchestrated by the current U.S. President, his Attorney General, and an ambitious United States Attorney in Manhattan. At the trial, a year before the election, the Senator faces charges of election fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering; each of which could deem her unfit for office and all but remove her from the Presidential race.

As the dramatic trial unfolds, Raquel steadily realizes that the Senator’s is hidden trail of lies which she has fought hard to keep from the light of day including a series of complicated and illicit connections. As Raquel’s complex, conflicted relationship with her client begins to gradually endanger herself, she must decide whether to face the recurrent dangers or allow her life and the lives of those she loves to be threatened.


“Paul Batista scores 100% with his new novel, The Warriors. Two strong women locked in battle in and out of a courtroom coupled with murder, money laundering, and constant mystery. His lawyer heroine is complex and compelling. We live and breathe her triumph and terror.” —Rikki Klieman, CBS News Legal Analyst

The Warriors is immaculately plotted, as you’d expect of such a credentialed author. So for maximum enjoyment, focus on the courtroom and crime action, and let the wild ride carry this thriller.” —New York Journal of Books

“Powerful courtroom scenes and well-drawn characters are pluses . . . fans of TV commentator Batista won’t want to miss this one.” —Publishers Weekly

“A real pleasure here is the literate language in thecourtroom clashes, plus electric scenes stolen by diminutive, ancient judgeNaomi Goldstein.” —Booklist