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About Devils Island

Six guests embark on a wilderness tour, but only two emerge

Devils Island is home to abundant wildlife, making it the ideal place to reintroduce endangered Tasmanian devils. Working to rescue, rehabilitate, and release devils has been Kerry’s job and passion for years, but a new opportunity to work as a naturalist guide for a tour company offers her a respite from the emotionally grueling task of trying to save an endangered species.

Her first tour group as lead guide includes American college friends Brooke and Jane, who are reconnecting after years of estrangement, and two Australian couples hoping to escape their big-city lives and enjoy the company of longtime friends.

When one of the guests disappears on the first night, the group assumes she has wandered too far in the stormy weather. Yet it turns out she has a secret connection to one of the other guests—and when another hiker is found dead in camp, the group finds itself isolated by the worsening storm and wondering who among them might be responsible.

Perfect for fans of Lisa Unger and Barbara Kingsolver


“A crafty devil of a whodunit, this perfect blend of environmental and suspense fiction, atmospheric and rife with intrigue, will scare the devil out of you—and make you fall in love with the misunderstood, endangered Tasmanian devil. Devils Island is at once a riveting mystery and an eloquent plea to protect our natural world.” —A.J. Banner, USA Today best-selling author

“Buckle up for a compelling and brilliant twist on the locked room mystery. A luxurious adventure among kangaroos and Tasmanian devils on a tiny remote island turns deadly when a secretive tourist goes missing. Devils Island isn’t just a compulsively readable mystery; it’s also a vital meditation on what it means to live through extinction in all its forms. I will not forget my visit to Devils Island anytime soon.” —Mindy Mejia, USA Today best-selling author

“This one is loaded with all the danger, treachery, and action a reader could wish for. Throw in the exotic location of Tasmania and you have all the makings of a terrific thriller. You never quite catch your breath as all of the secrets are revealed.” —Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author