Murder at Greysbridge


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About Murder at Greysbridge

Two missing teenagers—a brutal North Atlantic storm—a deadly conspiracy unfolding

Summer has arrived in Inishowen and solicitor Benedicta (Ben) O'Keeffe is greatly tempted by a job offer from a law firm in America. Yet before making any life-changing decisions, there is her assistant Leah's wedding to attend at the newly restored Greysbridge Hotel—with its private beach and beautiful pier.

The perfect location—but the festivities are brutally cut short when a young American, a visitor also staying at the hotel, drowns in full view of the wedding guests. And when a second death is discovered the same evening, Ben finds herself embroiled in a real country-house-murder-mystery, where all the guests are suspects.

Sergeant Tom Molloy’s appearance to investigate throws Ben into turmoil, especially when the pursuit of two runaways leads the pair to an island off the Donegal coast, where a violent storm traps them together, completely cut off from the mainland.

A deadly conspiracy is unfolding on this tiny North Atlantic island—fueled by the ruthless pursuit of money—careening toward disaster for the inhabitants—and for Ben.


“[Murder at Greysbridge] is truly a perfect choice for fans of character-driven mysteries set in thrilling surroundings . . . It has everything a reader could possibly want in a stellar piece of writing. Agatha Christie would be proud.” —Suspense Magazine

“Carter’s good-hearted characters and nice use of familiar country-house mystery motifs combine for an entertaining story. Fans of traditional puzzles and evocative settings will enjoy this.” —Publishers Weekly

“Carter weaves the colorful threads of this manor house mystery and its complex subplots into a metaphoric fine Irish kilt.” —Bookreporter