The Reckless
A Bruno Johnson Novel – The Early Year


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About The Reckless

Bruno Johnson, a young and inexperienced LA County Deputy Sheriff, is trying to balance his life as the single father of a two-year-old daughter and his responsibilities as a cop in the Violent Crimes Unit. When he and his impetuous partner Ned Kiefer are put on loan to the FBI to help out with a “special problem,” Bruno finds himself in a real bind. The FBI hands Bruno and Ned a case that the Bureau prefers not to touch—a group of teenage criminals that are being run by a nefarious criminal known as The Darkman. Bruno discovers the identity of The Darkman and is stunned to realize that he is the perpetrator of a triple homicide that continues to haunt Bruno from a past, unsolved case. The problem is how to stop the juvenile criminals without killing kids, and at the same time, avoid being killed by the kids—or by The Darkman—and keep his reckless partner Ned under control.


"If you like your crime novels sizzling with realism, sharp dialogue, and pulse-pounding action, this will hit your sweet spot with a sledgehammer. Not since the heyday of Joseph Wambaugh has an ex-cop brought his street experience to the page with such literary power." —Lee Goldberg, New York Times bestselling author

"This is police procedural that dazzles with authenticity, sharply-drawn characters, crackling dialogue, and insider-details that only a real cop could bring to the page. Putnam can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Joseph Wambaugh and Michael Connelly." —Lee Goldberg, New York Times bestselling author

"David Putnam scores again with The Reckless, his new prequel thriller featuring major crimes detective Bruno Johnson. Starting fast and keeping the accelerator floored, Putnam deftly keeps readers—and Bruno—on the edge with clever twists and intense action scenes. Loaded with insider details on police procedure and tactics, The Reckless will make crime-fiction fans eager to read more of Bruno's past adventures." —Glen Hamilton

"Reading a novel by David Putnam is almost as good as riding shotgun in a patrol car. He writes what he knows and what he knows is that justice on the mean streets isn't always black and white. Gritty and dark, The Reckless is a realistic and highly entertaining police procedural." —Robin Burcell, New York Times best-selling author