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About The Scorned

Ex-cop, ex-con Bruno Johnson stumbles into a criminal organization that exploits women and children—he must fight his way out and home

Bruno Johnson is hiding out from the U.S. law in Costa Rica with his pregnant wife, Marie, and the ten kids they rescued from toxic homes in South Central Los Angeles. When Marie encounters a difficult labor and delivery, their good friend Dr. Vargas rescues both her and Bruno’s infant son. So Bruno feels indebted when asked to escort his daughter Layla, a college student in Los Angeles, back home to Costa Rica.When Bruno arrives in Los Angeles, he finds the problem with Layla is complicated and dire. Layla has fallen in with Johnny, the leader of a vast and notorious criminal empire that exploits women and children. She says she’s had his child and that he has taken the baby.

Bruno enlists the help of his old friend Karl Drago—and his dog, Waldo—to aid in his search for Layla’s baby—a baby her parents disavow. Bruno soon discovers things aren’t as they appear, but he will stop at nothing to save the innocent baby and return to his family and newborn son in Costa Rica—providing he can evade capture while on U.S. soil.

Perfect for fans of Michael Connelly and David Baldacci


Praise for The Scorned

“David Putnam proves to be a masterful storyteller as he spins a gritty street tale . . . The exploits of Bruno Johnson rival those of Harry Bosch and Jack Reacher, and certainly will quench the thirst of action-thriller enthusiasts.” —Mystery and Suspense Magazine

Praise for the Bruno Johnson Crime Series

* "[In The Sinister] the twists come fast, and Putnam’s brisk prose maintains the momentum. Fans of Marcia Clark’s Samantha Brinkman series will be gripped."—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"Putnam is a master of the gritty realism of law and order at street level. I guarantee that The Ruthless will grab you by the throat, shove you against the wall, and won’t release you until the final, satisfying page."—William Kent Krueger, New York Times best-selling author

"I really loved The Disposables. It’s raw, powerful, and eloquent. It’s a gritty street poem recited by a voice unalterably committed to redemption and doing the right thing in a wrong world. I'll be first in line for the next one from David Putnam."—Michael Connelly, New York Times best-selling author