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About Remi Bone

Single father Remi Bone knows that his daughter’s Ivy League education will cost an arm and a leg . . . or a few bodies

Remi Bone is a good guy. He’s a hardworking mechanic, a single father raising his late wife’s daughter, and now, he’s dying of heart failure. But his daughter Kayla was just admitted to the college of her dreams. How will she afford college with two dead parents?

Before he dies, Remi decides to stockpile as much money as possible for Kayla’s future. When a chance to participate in a lucrative gun-for-hire scheme arises, Remi, out of desperation, agrees to execute a hit on a shady Philadelphia drug dealer.

This becomes only the first of several murders Remi is hired for, and soon, Remi’s the most sought-after hitman in town—both by his clients and by the police. He leaves investigators little to work with, but ear witnesses identify him by the phrase he recites before each killing: “Tick tock says the clock, time’s up . . .”

With the police catching on to the “Tick Tock Killer,” Remi has to work quickly to earn enough money for Kayla’s school—all while ensuring he dies with a clean record. Tick tock.

Perfect for fans of Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen


Remi Bone is a wildly entertaining crime novel that gleefully bulldozes through the tropes of the genre. Fresh, witty, and surprising, this will scratch your Elmore Leonard itch.” —Lee Goldberg, New York Times best-selling author

“Myers wrings pathos and empathy out of Remi’s morally murky situation, and fleshes out the plot with vivid supporting characters and palpable emotional stakes between Remi and Kayla. Reed Farrel Coleman fans will enjoy this hard-boiled gem.” —Publishers Weekly

Remi Bone is author William L. Myers, Jr.'s sixth novel and once again demonstrates his genuine flair for creating memorable characters and an original, compelling, compulsive page turner of a read from start to finish. A fun read from cover to cover, Remi Bone will have a special fascination for readers with an interest in organized crime, assassination, and suspense laden murder thrillers. Very highly recommended.” —Midwest Book Review

Praise for William L. Myers Jr.

“[In Backstory,] Myers has deftly composed a twisty puzzle of a thriller that will keep you intrigued until its revelatory conclusion.” —Raymond Benson, New York Times best-selling author

“Imagine if Memento and A History of Violence had a baby and that baby was a genius. That's Backstory. Don't miss it!” —Lisa Regan, USA Today best-selling author

“[In Backstory,] Myers immediately creates sympathy for his amnesiac lead’s situation, and the plot races at a breakneck pace toward the surprising conclusion. Cornell Woolrich fans will want to check out this contemporary noir.” —Publishers Weekly

“This delightfully shuddery mix of detection and woo-woo gives way suddenly to more hard-boiled turf with Hunter exploring a world of crime and corruption. Readers who like the idea of mixing Woolrich with Chandler will be right at home.” —Booklist

“A deftly crafted novel of suspense, Backstory by William L. Myers, Jr. will have a very special appeal to readers with an interest in vigilante justice and fans of psychological thrillers.” —Midwest Book Review

“Taut, tense, and thrilling, Backstory traces the fault line between an amnesiac’s violent past and his dangerous present. When the two collide, it’s with the force of an earthquake. William L. Myers, Jr., has written a twisted, suspenseful story that kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last page.” —Hilary Davidson, best-selling author

“In Backstory, Myers delivers big time.” —Alan Russell, best-selling author

“A slow burn thriller that's full of perfectly dark mood and unforgettable characters. Fans of Dennis Lehane and Lou Berney will love Backstory. You won't be able to put it down!” —Matthew Farrell, best-selling author

“A cutting-edge psychological thriller.” —Bookreporter

“With sharp prose, richly drawn characters, and a briskly paced, intricate plot, Myers’ Backstory delivers a riveting tale of murder, missteps, and memory. A tense psychological thriller that won’t let you go until the very last page. Backstory is a must read for fans of psychological suspense.” —Roberta Gately, author of the Jessie Novak mystery thriller series

“Riveting from the opening scene, Backstory is a darkly layered thriller, where nothing, not even a wife’s death, is as it seems. The answer to the mystery of what happened to her hovers just off the page, but just when you think you have it, a jaw-dropping twist will take your breath.” —Barbara Taylor Sissel, best-selling author