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About Secretariat Reborn

Christian Roberts, lanky, blond, and twenty-five-years-old, rents out small sailboats on Sarasota Bay. His peaceful life is shattered when he accepts a thoroughbred colt from his estranged, dying father, an Ocala horse trainer.

When Christian promises his father that he’ll race the colt, he’s plunged into the underworld of horse racing. To navigate his way he naively hires Ed Price, a heartless Miami trainer. And when his colt shows potential — a surprising resemblance to Secretariat — a dubious wealthy sheik wants to buy him, but Christian vows to keep his promise to his father.  With a sizable debt still owed on the horse, Christian is forced to take out a loan, his only recourse, Vince, a New York mobster. If the money is not repaid on time, Christian’s life and that of Allie, his colt’s trainer, are threatened.

To add to his roller-coaster of troubles, he faces fraud charges since his father illegally registered the colt, and he is being stalked by a psychotic ex-girlfriend.


"Intrigue, romance, horse racing, and a nifty idea for a novel. Whether or not horse racing is in your blood, you’ll love the odds on this one. Pick a winner, cover to cover." —John Lutz, New York Times best-selling author of Pulse and past President of Mystery Writers of America

"Klaus crams a lot into her debut thriller, which combines thoroughbred horse breeding, mob skullduggery, and a love-crazed stalker . . . thanks to Klaus’s infectious love of the Florida setting, the horse-breeding milieu, and her handsome protagonist." —Publishers Weekly

"Secretariat Reborn is a galloping read and sure to be a winner." —Fresh Fiction

"Secretariat Reborn by Susan Klaus carries a finely tuned plot." —

"In the high-stakes world of fiction writing, Secretariat Reborn is a darn good bet."—Florida Weekly

"There’s a whole lot of plot stampeding toward the finish line here . . . if you just loosen your grip on the reins and let the narrative run free, you’ll find yourself having a good time." —Booklist

"Author Susan Klaus has bred and raced thoroughbreds and is intimately familiar with the good, the bad, and the ugly of the racing world. She’s crafted her debut thriller, which could more accurately be called a romantic suspense novel, after having written several fantasy novels. Although it’s heavy on horse racing lore and lingo, the premise and plotline will appeal to most readers, racing aficionados or not. Setting is one of Klaus’ strengths and the smells and sounds of the racetrack and the rural life of Florida come through loud and clear. Some of Christian’s problems are resolved a little too easily, but this a thoroughly enjoyable beginning to what could become a series. A sequel, Shark Fin Soup, is in the works." —Mystery Scene Magazine