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About The Deal Series Collection

The Deal three-book collection propels readers along a rocket ride from the ground floor to the top of New York City skyscrapers—and back—at speeds that leave them breathless. On the way are Fabergé eggs gone missing, monstrous real estate deals, misplaced loyalty, revenge, murder—and sex and sophistication.

Jonah Gray—redesigned as Ivan Janse—races through the pages of The Deal, The Deal: About Face, and Deal Master to escape the dual brutality of his Russian oligarch half-brother and a benefactor he thought was his friend, as well as his own demons. All the while—amid the skyscrapers of New York City and the streets of Amsterdam, he faces an ever-deepening abyss, relentlessly reaching out to annihilate him and destroy the woman he loves.


"I loved The Deal, The Deal: About Face was even better, but Deal Master is Gittlin's best yet. Sophisticated, page-turning intrigue packed with high drama, the MASTER rules." —Robert Dugoni, New York Times best-selling author

"Talk about timely. This one deals with one of the biggest, most intense, power- and money-driven industries on the planet.  Throw in a rare Russian treasure, murder, love, revenge, and lust and you’ve got one serious, sophisticated thrill ride.  Find a place on your keeper shelf for this gem." —Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author

"Gittlin's at it again—and Deal Master is his best yet. What Grisham and Turow did with the legal realm, Gittlin is doing for the intense world of high-end commercial real estate. Artfully, skillfully, showing thriller readers that when you take the power-business of skyscrapers and blend it with loyalty, power, revenge, and murder—you get one sexy, sophisticated thrill ride."—David Black, award-winning journalist, screenwriter, and author of Fast Shuffle