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About Exit Strategy

A shattered life. A killer for hire. Can she stop?

Her assignments were always to kill someone. That’s what a hitman—or hitwoman—is paid to do—and that is what she does. Then comes a surprise assignment—keep someone alive!She is hired to protect Virginia Martin, the stunning and brilliant chief technology officer of a hot startup with an innovation that will change the world. This new job catches her at a time in her life when she’s disillusioned, even depressed. It’s not the crushing depression she’d suffered when she’d lost her family and abruptly started this career, but over time, the life of a hired killer has taken a toll on her spirit.

She’s confused about the “why” but she addresses her charge as she always does, with skill and stealth, determined to keep this young CTO alive in the midst of the twinned worlds of innovation and high finance.

Some people have to die as she discharges her responsibility to protect this superstar woman amid the crumbling worlds of money and future technical wonders.

The spirit of an assassin—and her nameless dog—permeates this struggle to help a young woman as powerful forces build to deny her.

Fans of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Dexter will love Exit Strategy


* "[In Endings], Richards combines a damaged protagonist readers will root for with a twisted, whiplash-fast plot filled with layers of moral ambiguity. This harrowing tale of love, loss, and the value of life is not to be missed." —Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"I wasn't sure how [Richards] could continue the story of her second career hit woman, but Exit Strategy unfolded a complete story on its own, while leaving the door open to a third. What grabbed me right away with both books is the voice – wounded, laconic, and utterly irresistible . . . cannot recommend it highly enough." —Clea Simon, author of Hold Me Down

"[In Exit Strategy,] two individuals seem to battle within one well-dressed but confused person. Like the unnamed narrator, the story has no end. Planting the seed of an Academy Award-winning film?"—Bookreporter

"[Exit Strategy is] a daring book to write and a daring book to read, about a person with nothing to lose daring to live and let live." —New York Journal of Books