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About Insensible Loss

Her life is over . . . yet somehow she carries on

After attempting to sever all ties to her life as a hired assassin, a woman struggles to understand who she has become. She knows she doesn’t want to kill again—but it proves to be a difficult habit to break, particularly in a world where people are after her and those she loves most.

Adrift and disconnected, she meets an old woman: Imogen O’Brien, a world-famous artist who has spent the last three decades living a hermit-like existence on a rustic desert estate in a national forest. Imogen invites her to stay and work for her, offering mentorship in return as the woman deepens her own interest in art.

What quickly becomes apparent is that elements of Imogen’s past are shrouded in danger, sorrow, and darkness. Rather than growing as an artist, the former hitwoman soon finds herself enmeshed in a dangerous mystery with strands that stretch decades into the past.

Perfect for fans of Ruth Ware and Dean Koontz

While all of the novels in the Endings Series stand on their own and can be read in any order, the publication sequence is:


Exit Strategy

Dead West

Insensible Loss


Praise for the Endings Series

“Deception, loss, and the past all collide in this propulsive thriller. A skillfully crafted plot combined with memorable characters makes Insensible Loss a must read.” —James L’Etoile, award-winning author of Face of Greed

“When a contract killer’s wounded conscience begins to awaken, it only heightens the dangers of her profession. In Dead West, the incomparable Linda L. Richards poses the possibility of redemption and recovery for her tragic heroine, all while sending her—and us—on a deadly thrill ride through the stunning Arizona wilderness.” —Clea Simon, Boston Globe best-selling author

“Linda L. Richards delivers yet another riveting entry in her hired killer series. Set mostly in Arizona desert country, Dead West is a dust devil of a story, twisting in wildly unpredictable ways and with a powerful emotional center. Butt his book isn’t just a marvelously compelling thriller; it also cries out passionately for protection of the endangered wild horses of the West. Kudos to Richards for seamlessly weaving an important message into the fabric of a terrific tale.” —William Kent Krueger, New York Times best-selling author

* “[In Endings], Richards combines a damaged protagonist readers will root for with a twisted, whiplash-fast plot filled with layers of moral ambiguity. This harrowing tale of love, loss, and the value of life is not to be missed.” —Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Brilliant. Terrifying. Compulsively readable.” —Hallie Ephron, New York Times best-selling author

“[Exit Strategy is] a daring book to write and a daring book to read, about a person with nothing to lose daring to live and let live.” —New York Journal of Books

“[In Exit Strategy,] two individuals seem to battle within one well-dressed but confused person. Like the unnamed narrator, the story has no end. Planting the seed of an Academy Award-winning film?” —Bookreporter

“A skillfully written and carefully crafted novel showcasing serialkiller psychology that which makes for an inherently absorbing read from coverto cover, Endings is the kind of fully engaging thriller thatmakes for memorable movies.” —Midwest Book Review