Odyssey's End
Rick Cahill Novel #10


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About Odyssey's End

Brain disease worsening, Rick Cahill risks everything—even his life—to provide for his fractured family’s future

San Diego private investigator Rick Cahill’s past comes back to haunt him when he’s at his most vulnerable. His wife, Leah, has fled with their daughter, Krista, to her parents’ home in Santa Barbara. She fears Rick’s violent outbursts brought on by his potentially fatal brain disorder, CTE—and she doesn’t trust that he’ll ever be able to tame his manic desire to bring his own brand of justice to an unjust world.

Rick desperately wants to reunite his family and help provide for Krista’s future—one he fears he won’t be alive to see. A jumpstart toward that future appears in the form of Peter Stone, Rick’s longtime enemy. Stone offers Rick $50,000 to find a woman he claims can save his life with a kidney transplant. Rick can’t pass up the chance to buttress Krista’s future.

When what seems like a simple missing person case spirals out of control into cryptocurrency machinations, dead bodies, and an outgunned faceoff, Rick is forced to battle evil from his past. Can he stay alive long enough to see his family one last time?


Praise for Odyssey’s End

“Author Matt Coyle gives another smart, tightly-written, faster-than-a-speeding bullet tale of lust, danger and greed.” —Joe Ide, best-selling author of Fixit

“Matt Coyle is the best contemporary writer continuing the lone P.I. tradition.” —Naomi Hirahara, Mary Higgins Clark Award-winning author

“Coyle’s prose is vivid and tight, his characters are well drawn, and the tension rarely lets up in this fast-paced tale of duplicity and betrayal.” —Associated Press

“Coyle cleverly connects his plot threads, packing in a few strong surprises, but his real triumph is in wringing pathos from Cahill’s plight.”—Publishers Weekly

“[A] consistently entertaining and award-winning series.” —Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine

“Cahill [is] a moody PI, tough, hard-boiled, and unapologetic in the tradition of Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe.” —Midwest Book Review

Praise for the Rick Cahill PI Crime Series

“Matt Coyle is on a roll. Doomed Legacy has all the best of a classic PI novel delivered with the pacing of a thriller. A man driven by discovering the truth no matter the cost, Rick Cahill is the type of human you’d want on your side when things go badly, and his dogged, and at times reckless, pursuit of justice makes for fabulous fiction.” —Danielle Girard, USA Today best-selling author

“With Wrong Light, Matt Coyle is on top of his game and Rick Cahill ascends to the top ranks of the classic private eyes. Coyle knows the secret: digging into a crime means digging into the past. Sometimes it’s messy, sometimes it’s dangerous—always it’s entertaining. You’ll find all of that and more in this great read.” —Michael Connelly, New York Times best-selling author

* “Rick Cahill’s extreme physical and emotional vulnerability is on full display in Shamus Award-winner Coyle’s superior eighth outing [Last Redemption] . . . Contemporary hard-boiled PI novels don’t get any better than this.” —Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Matt Coyle is the rightful heir to the PI crown worn by Robert Parker & Ross Macdonald.” —Lee Goldberg, New York Times best-selling author

“Matt Coyle knocks it out of the park with Last Redemption. Just when you think Coyle has reached the top of his game—he does one better.”—Allison Brennan, New York Times best-selling author