Yesterday's Echo
Rick Cahill Novel #1


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About Yesterday's Echo

A dishonored ex-cop’s desperate chance for redemption

 While never convicted of his wife’s murder, Rick was never exonerated either. Not by the police. Not by the media. Not even by himself. Eight years later, police suspicion and his own guilt remain over his responsibility in his wife’s death.

When he meets Melody Malana, a beautiful yet secretive TV reporter, he sees a chance to love again. When she is arrested for murder and asks Rick for help, the former cop says no, but the rest of him says yes and he grasps at a chance for love and redemption.

Rick’s attempt to help turns terribly wrong, and he, too, becomes a suspect in the murder and the target of a police manhunt. On the run, Rick encounters desperate people who will kill to keep their pasts buried.  

Before Rick can save himself and bring down a murderer, he must confront the truth about his own past and untangle his feeling for a woman he can never fully trust.


"A sharp, compelling read, Coyle’s Yesterday’s Echo conjures images of Chandler’s California, while reverberating with an energy and style all his own. Watch out, mystery fans, Matt Coyle has entered the scene" —Stephen Jay Schwartz, Los Angeles Times best-selling author

"People run but can’t hide from their pasts in Coyle’s gripping and gritty tale." —Dianne Emley, Los Angeles Times best-selling author of the Detective Nan Vining Series

* "Coyle does a superb job of drawing the reader in and keeps a steady pace of action along with solid character development. This celebration of the crime noir novels of old with a modern sensibility in Rick Cahill as hero will strongly appeal to fans of classic hard-boiled PI novels." —Library Journal (Starred Review)

"Coyle’s promising debut introduces ex-cop Rick Cahill, a tarnished knight who battles internal and external demons . . . Cahill turns out to be both tough and resourceful when forced to confront his past. Readers can hope his future will be brighter." —Publishers Weekly

"Yesterday’s Echo is plotted with a sure hand, and the prose flows fast and crisp like a mountain river. It will captivate you so that you don’t want to put it down, and you don’t want it to end—at least not until the next installment is available." —Suspense Magazine

"Outstanding debut . . . Don’t miss this one! Wow, thumbs up for Matt Coyle! Coyle is going to give some of the mystery writers a run for their money." —Fresh Fiction

"Told in the first-person, Mr. Coyle’s flawlessly executed debut novel, Yesterday’s Echo is crime noir at its best, teeming with memorable characters and unexpected plot twists. The warts-and-all Rick Cahill is a breath of fresh air and one of the most exciting protagonists to hit the pages of a novel in a long time. A cool, compulsively readable crime story from beginning to end." —New York Journal of Books

"Yesterday's Echo is a terrific thriller starring a protagonist who understands first hand deja vu. Rick's options are surrender, die or find the killer as his ex-peers salivate with a second chance to destroy him; the woman he loves he distrusts; and clues lead him to people who want secrets kept buries along with him. Readers will enjoy Rick's investigation that also takes him back eight years." —Midwest Book Review