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Behind the Scenes in a Celebrity Kitchen – Perhaps a Recipe for Murder?

An attractive sous chef at the famous restaurant L’Elfe is murdered and half the employees are suspect. The lack of police progress toward solving the murder leads Chef Jean Bouvier to seek a quicker solution. He hires private eyes James Lessor and Skip Moore to go undercover and discreetly investigate his restaurant staff. But their investigation turns up far more than they bargained for. Skip’s charming girlfriend, Emily, confesses that the murder victim and she had been close friends at one point in their lives and had shared a very dark secret. But Emily refuses to elaborate, building a wall of defense between herself and the two young detectives. The more Skip and James investigate the background of the victim and the people she knew, the more they are convinced that this shared secret has far-reaching implications that may lead to the motive for the murder. The closer they get to the answer, the more desperate someone is to stop them.


"Shake The Big LeBowski up in a bag with The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and Too Much Stuff is what will come screaming out. Slacker PI’s James and Skip go after $44 million of Henry Flagler gold missing since the hurricane of all time swept the Keys railroad out to sea and the result is—hold on, deep inhale here—really big trouble.  Four pitchers of margaritas out of four!" —Les Standiford, award winning author of Last Train to Paradise

"Bruns maintains a narrative tone that would have done Huck Finn proud in this combination Andy Hardy adventure and hard-boiled thriller." —Booklist

"Seeking to strike it rick, two young simpletons get in over their knuckleheads." —Kirkus Reviews

"A rollicking up and down tale from start to finish." —Suspense Magazine

"This quirkily engaging mystery is a buddy novel as funny as the movie Dumb and Dumber." —Library Journal