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About Stuff to Die For

Chasing the American dream could leave you running for your life

Best friends James Lessor and Skip Moore are hardly on the fast track. While James works as a line cook at Cap’n Crab, Skip spends his days selling or rather, attempting to sell  security systems to people who (a) have no money, and (b) have nothing they care to protect. James and Skip aren’t upwardly mobile, but they’re about to get literally mobile when James spends a surprise inheritance on a white box truck. An investment in the future, he surmises, as these two are starting a business –solely devoted to hauling other people’s stuff.

But the fledgling business takes a shocking turn when James and Skip unload the contents of their first moving job and find some unexpected cargo — a bloody human finger.

James and Skip must scramble to stay one step ahead of the perpetrators of the gruesome crime in this witty, gritty mystery about big dreams, big ideas — and big trouble.

Instead of chasing the American dream, James and Skip will be running for their lives.


“A glitzy high speed run from the back alleys to the burnt beaches of Miami Beach. In the hands of Don Bruns, it’s hard to tell where the terrain is most dangerous.”Michael Connelly, New York Times best-selling author

“Don Bruns has staked out his turf . . . sex, drugs, rock & roll and murder. What more could you want?” Sue Grafton, New York Times best-selling author