Stuff Dreams Are Made Of


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About Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Chasing after this dream could be the stuff of nightmares

James Lessor and Skip Moore, (and their white box truck) are back. When Reverend Preston Cashdollar and his traveling tent revival come to town, James and Skip reinvent themselves–as holy rollers. But these two aren’t seeking salvation; they’re seeking the Almighty dollar. After all, Cashdollar’s prosperity gospel draws thousands of people with open minds and open wallets. With a few modifications to the truck, Less or Moore Catering is ready to roll, and the entrepreneurs are born again, intent on making a mint by selling meager meals to the hungry masses.

Cashdollar may preach about seeing the light, but his organization has a dark side of greed, corruption, and murder. What in the name of all that is holy have James and Skip gotten themselves into? This meals-on-wheels venture is more like hell on wheels.

As James and Skip seek the truth, they’ll learn that the stuff dreams are made of may be their worst nightmare. They’ll either need to keep the faith, or run like the devil.


“quirkily engaging . . . a buddy novel as funny as the movie Dumb and Dumber.” —Library Journal

“James and Skip are so puppy-dog endearing and funny that they deserve an encore. Perhaps even a series. Like the Hardy Boys.” —Foreword Magazine

* “Will remind the reader of Tim Dorsey's cast of whacked-out characters but with the narrative voice and feel of Mark Twain's Huck Finn.” —Booklist (Starred Review)